Magpies Cricket Club Mackay Welcome Letter with all the information you require for the Magpies Cricket Season

Dear Parents and Players, 

Welcome to all new and existing players and families of Magpies Junior Cricket Club Mackay for the 2019/20 cricket season.

Firstly, Magpies Junior Cricket Club would like to acknowledge and thank Magpies Sporting Club for the wonderful grounds that our children are able to train on and for the support given to our club. Without this ongoing support, Magpies Junior Cricket would not be the successful club we are today.


Club Sponsors


A Special 'Thank You' goes to our Club Sponsors for their support and sponsorship of Magpies Cricket Club Mackay.  Their contribution is of vital importance to allow Magpies Cricket Club continue to grow while implementing the club culture, value and professionalism necessary for success in all areas of our club. If you go to the Magpies Cricket Website you will locate our sponsor logos when has a direct link to the business website. Magpies Cricket - Supporting our Supporters.


A Huge Thank You goes to:


Major Sponsor: Magpies Sporting Club


Platinum Sponsor: Finco Solutions


Gold Sponsor: Oscars Cafe and Bar


Silver Sponsor: MRC Australia


Bronze Sponsors:  

 Power 2

Drives and Controls Services Inc

 Fraser Engineers

Mackay Harbour Engineering

RPS Australia East Pty Ltd

Brown and Bird






The club will distribute up to date information throughout the cricket season direct to your e-mail address supplied at the time of registration. This will be the main method of communication. If you change this address at any time please notify the club or change on the MyCricket system. Magpies e-mail address is:


All cricket news, events, team draws and fact sheets etc will be kept up to date on the clubs website, link as follows,

This season Magpies will be continuing to use:


(Public Facebook page)

Magpies Cricket Club Mackay


(Closed group Junior Facebook Page)

Magpies Junior Cricket Club Mackay

All you have to do is request to join on Facebook.


This Junior Closed facebook page will be utilized to communicate general day to day issues to current season Magpies Members, but we are hoping that its main focus will be to encourage everyone to share photos of the kids games and provide details of any game highlights so everyone can share in all the kids achievements, be it someone scoring a 50 or taking there first catch or wicket. It is hoped this will be a great vehicle to bring the club and age groups closer together, so please take the time to participate and get this site out there. 

Our club strives to provide continuous improvement and development strategies through open communication between committee, coaches, managers, parents and players. Constructive feedback from families is always welcome. 


Parent Help

Magpies Cricket Club is a volunteer organisation that cannot operate without the assistance of players, parents and supporters. The generous giving of your valuable time ensures our children can continue playing the game they love, while learning and developing new skills and meeting new friends.

Managing - A Team Manager is essential for all teams with no experience required. A Manager works with the Coach and relays information to parents and keeps the team organised while the Coach is able to devote time and energy to developing and teaching the players new skills.

Scoring - If you want to become more involved in your child's cricket a great way to do this is through scoring. Magpies Cricket Club have numerous parents who have become involved in their child's team through this avenue and these people will be only to happy to assist any new potential scorers in getting started.

Umpiring - Being able to assist in this area will provide valuable off the field time for your coach to spend with the players. Mackay Cricket offer Umpiring Sessions at the start of the season.

Coaching - Our club has numerous experienced coaches only to happy to offer assistance to all new and existing coaches. Cricket Australia, together with Queensland Cricket, have a range of courses to suit participants at a variety of levels. Magpies Cricket Club will fund any potential relevant training courses that new coaches to the club maybe interested in undertaking. Every junior coach must have completed the online level 0 course.  You then progress to the level 1 course organized by Mackay Cricket.

Mackay Cricket require all volunteers including coaches, managers, scorers and committee members to have or have applied for a Blue Card. All clubs are also required to have a Blue Card Register which details all volunteer card numbers and expiry dates with a copy of this required to be provided to Mackay Cricket prior to the start of the season.

The website link for Blue Card Application, is as follows,

Please note, Blue Card applications for volunteers is free.



Magpies also have a Member Protection Officer to be the first point of contact for any grievances that may occur, please visit the contacts section on the main menu of website for contact information.




Playing Attire



Junior Blaster - Receive a Participants Pack with a shirt and Hat that comes in mail. Ordered when you register online.


Master Blasters - Club Polo Shirt (Free for New Players to Magpies Master Blasters that have not already received a free Magpies Polo shirt last season) and long white cricket pants. Played at night so no cap required (Magpies Caps can be purchased) or you can wear the T20 Blast hat received with registration.


Heat Girls League - Wear a Magpies Club Polo Shirt - (Free if you are new to Magpies Cricket Club.) Black Shorts or black gym/bike pants.

Any Sand-shoes.



U11 to U16 - Each player is required to wear a club long sleeve playing shirt and long white cricket pants.


Hat - Club cricket cap or white / cream broad brimmed fielding hat with or without the club logo ( This is the only head wear allowed in rules to be worn )  

Shoes - players in ages:


After the draw has been finalized for the Junior Competition on a Saturday morning, wickets and shoes required will be advised to members. 


Master Blasters and Girls Cricket League are to wear rubber or equivalent soled shoes.


U11 to U12  are to wear rubber or equivalent soled shoes.


To be confirmed when draw is completed for season.


U13 has the draw on Astro Wickets, so Rubber or equivalent soled shoes - Please check with your coach.


U14/U15/U16 are to wear spiked shoes when playing on turfed wickets. Rubber soled shoes are required for games which may be played on astro pitches. Your coach will advise when this occurs.


Names and contact details will be updated on the club website. Your team Coach / Manager will keep players updated at training for each week or via text / e-mail. If you are unable to make training or a game, it would be appreciated if you could inform your Coach / Manager ASAP.


CLICK HERE for Coach Names, contact details and Training Days.

Any changes to the times or days detailed will be communicated via the team Coach/Manager.  

Wet Weather - Game Notification

The following procedure has been adopted to prevent Harrup Park country Club from being inundated with phone calls to check if games are still on.

In future all club Junior coordinators will be advised by text message when any decision is made to cancel junior fixtures, this includes Friday night games. The junior coordinators will be then be required to advise their respective coaches who are then responsible to inform their teams.

The Mackay Cricket Association / Magpie's Cricket facebook pages will also be updated where possible prior to game time.

All parents are requested NOT to contact Harrup Park as they will be unable to provide any information.

In the event of rain on Saturday mornings, in most cases the decision to cancel fixtures will not be made until the covers are removed at Harrup Park. This usually occurs around 7.30am and at times decisions are made at the start of play. For all outer grounds, ( other then Harrup Park ) the decision to cancel will often be made on a case by case basis upon inspection of the pitch and fields.

Every attempt will be made to advise parents as early as is practicable but unfortunately in some instances this is not possible and games maybe cancelled after the actual game start times.

With respect to training days, as communicated earlier, Magpies Sporting Club have a recorded message that can be accessed by phoning Ph 4965 6188 if there has been rain. This message is updated at 2.00pm each day and advises if fields are open for training. If the message indicates that fields are open, training will be going ahead unless Coaches advise otherwise by text message.

Cricket Equipment

Master Blasters and Girls Cricket League - Equipment is supplied

U11 to U16 - the club supplies each team with a kit of gear, however many players prefer to have their own kit bag of gear.


The Club Team Kit Bag includes:

A few Cricket bats
A couple of Helmets with face grill
Game ball and score book
Protective box ( Not included, each player is to supply their own protective box )

All players are very welcome and encouraged especially in the older teams to use their own playing gear.

A batting helmet for ages U11 and above are to wear an approved cricket batting helmet, pads, gloves and a protective box. Thigh pads can be worn. It is compulsory for a wicket keeper to wear a protective helmet with a face grill when standing directly behind the wickets.

Cricket Draws

Draws for each age group are on the Magpies club website along with game rules for all ages.
Parents are reminded to regularly check the website for any changes during the season, your Coach / Manager will advise if this occurs.

CLICK HERE for the draw


CLICK HERE for information links for Junior Cricket

Cricket Grounds

MCA - Junior Season Information



Codes of Conduct

For Details on the relevant Codes of Conduct for Parents, Players and Coaches - CLICK HERE


MyCricket is a National Competition management system developed by Cricket Australia. It is used by the club to register all junior and senior players and display statistics For U11 to U16 and senior cricket. It is fully registered with Cricket Australia website.  Visit Magpies Cricket Website to access mycricket details.

Players will enjoy following their cricket statistics online at Magpies Cricket club website under the menu heading Mycricket.


A club player must be financial with the club and a Registration, Ideminity and Release Form (if leaving another club) must be completed before a player begins to play for the club.


CLICK HERE for JLT Insurance Information


Rebel Sports 

Magpies Cricket Club has been selected to participate in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Sports as in-store credit to spend on our sports program.  What this means is if you join Rebel Sports, select our club from the list of participating groups and swipe your loyalty card every time you make a purchase at Rebel Sports, you will receive great member prices and other benefits and the club will receive 5% credit from everything you spend. This money will then be utilised to upgrade club cricket equipment so the kids can continue to benefit from your purchasers.

Representative Cricket

All Magpies players will be notified of age group Mackay Cricket trials as they begin by email and will be listed on the club facebook page.

Parents must nominate their child if they wish to attend trails by a certain date. This is advised by email and on the facebook/website page.


Age groups are as follows:


Mackay Cricket age groups : Playing U11 to U16

Mackay Whitsunday age groups : U12 to U16


Magpies Sporting Club 

Magpies Sporting Club membership will entitle you to a number of great benefits. Please check their website for more details.



Harrup Park Country Club Royalties

If becoming a member of Harrup Park Country Club, by nominating Magpies Cricket Club on your membership form, our club will receive royalties when making purchases at the Club (Just show your card) This is a great way to earn extra revenue for our club.



Hopefully that covers the majority of issues that may arise during the season. The club would like to take this opportunity to wish teams all the very best for the 2019/20 Mackay Cricket season and look forward to players having an enjoyable and rewarding cricket season. 

If any issues arise that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact Wayne Neilsen our club Junior Coordinator  via email, or by phone on Ph 0439 139 020.

Yours in Cricket

The Club Committee

Magpies Cricket Club Mackay



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